Robert Erb was born 1970 in Newport Beach, California. At the age of five, Rob and his family moved to Los Altos, California where he attended school and won his first art contest. His piece, a clay sculpture/painting, was displayed in front of his grammar school for over 30 years. Rob continued to draw, paint and explore new mediums to express subject matters about fantasy, abstraction and humanity. He continued to enter art contests and placed several times with his unique playful, comic-style of imaginative ideas.

It wasn't until his second year at San Diego State University, in 1992, that he discovered his passion for oil painting. It was at this time Rob began to study the great masters, Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque and the period of Cubism. Enlightened by the theory of seeing reality simultaneously from all angles, simplifying detail and the use of bright vibrant color, grasped the attention of the young painter. Combining his own unique style with past theories and perspectives of painting, Rob merged a fresh new look of color, simplicity and depth with contemporary subject matters. Some of Rob's subject matters include musicians of several kinds of music, dance and political issues.

After SDSU, Rob lived in San Diego for another 2 years and it was at this time Rob discovered what would be his art identity, F8 ("fate.") Rob believed the signing of the face of a painting would disrupt the creative three dimensional illusion and flatten the image. Rob chose to sign some of his paintings on the front with only F8, all paintings are signed, dated and titled on the back. Rob also began to use three dimensional items to accent and exaggerate his pieces.

Rob then moved to Santa Cruz where attended Cabrillo College and began to use acrylic mediums as well as oils. He lived and painted in San Francisco, San Jose and returned again to Santa Cruz for another 2 years.

He now lives in the Bay Area and continues to paint everyday.

Artists Statement

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